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I’m Polina, product manager at a Y Combinator alumnus fintech startup in Middle East. I prefer to call myself a product nerd tho.

Here’s a great story how I decided to start this newsletter Let’s be brief:

Who is my newsletter for?

Founders, product managers, designers, marketers, analysts and just nerds who:

👉 Eager to learn from the best and improve UX of their products by finding fresh ideas

👉 Want to learn how different product features help companies make money

👉 Wish customers loved their products forever

👉 Desire to increase their product & business acumen

For both beginners and experienced ones.

What will you find in my newsletter?

Free weekly UX reviews on best (and worst) practices from large and small products.

✅ With summaries and key ideas

✅ With explanation on how exactly certain product decisions impact key metrics → company’s success or failure

✅ With pictures, examples and personal recos

More types of content are coming soon!

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